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Destroy Workout Plateaus and TRASH Boring and Outdated Interval Workouts with 51 NEW and Never-Seen-Before Metabolic Finishers and 119 Guaranteed-to-Get-You-Shredded Exercises (All Without Ever Giving Up Your Favorite Workouts)

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Workout Finishers Expert Mike Whitfield introduces his breakthrough “Metabolic Stacking” training to help you torch body fat and smash any plateau in as little as 3 minutes without EVER stepping on a treadmill again…

Groundbreaking report by Mike Whitfield shows 4 strategies to TRIPLE your results with no cardio…
Creator, Workout Finishers System
Contributor to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs

First, I want to tell you I know exactly how you feel right now.  It happens. You graduate high school. You get married. Maybe you have kids. The weight comes on.

First, it’s five pounds. Then it’s ten pounds. Then your clothes get uncomfortable and the excuses come… “Well, I’m older now. It was bound to happen”

But something inside of you is set off because you’ve had enough, so you head to the gym to start your workout routine.

But four months later, you’re feeling and looking the same. Your clothes are still tight. You’re still frustrated., workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

What you want to look like and what you DO look like are frustrating you

And to make things worse, you’re bored with your workouts and you find yourself working out too much, especially when you don’t see a difference in the mirror. You’re on the verge of burnout.

You’re giving your BEST effort, five to six days a week and you’ve even increased your workout time and spending about an hour every single time. Yet, you’re not seeing a single change.

Yet, you see someone YOUR age come into the gym, spend LESS time working out, and they look leaner and more athletic than you.

They didn’t even come close to ANY of the cardio equipment.  They aren’t even performing one of the most popular methods in the world – interval training.

How are they leaner, showing more definition and looking more athletic than you? And how are they doing it spending a fraction of the time you’re spending in the gym, and even refusing to perform any kind of cardio (yes, even intervals)?

“This is too hard and I don’t have the genes” you think to yourself.

I’m here to tell you nothing is further from the truth.

Today, you’re going to discover their secret – and it’s called, “Metabolic Stacking”. No, it’s not a gadget, nor do you have to give up your favorite workouts. Let me repeat that for you…

You Do NOT Have to Give
Up Your Favorite Workouts

Not only will you discover how to use metabolic stacking with virtually any workout, but you’ll also discover my embarrassing story of how I was once 300 pounds and my frustrations.

It’s really important to you that you read my story. Without reading exactly how I lost 105 pounds of ugly fat and lost 14 inches from the waist, you’re simply going to fail.

I’m sorry to be so harsh with you, but it’s the truth. Because once you see what’s possible through my story, you’ll have no choice but to succeed. It’s one thing to discover what “metabolic stacking” is. But it’s another thing to discover this secret and put it on the shelf.

The real secret to ultimate success is the combination of the inspiration you’ll get from my story and actually applying metabolic stacking.

Quite frankly, metabolic stacking is HARD. That’s why not everyone uses it. It’s not “sexy”. It doesn’t sell. Fitness experts are afraid of admitting to you in black and white that losing fat and becoming a better version of yourself takes hard, focused work.

I should know. Until I discovered metabolic stacking, I struggled with the desire to change and the desire to work out.

So, if you’re still here and you’re “bummed out” about this hard work that comes with metabolic stacking, then I recommend you stop reading now. This scientific breakthrough is NOT for you. Metabolic stacking doesn’t work for lazy people.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

But with the inspiration you get from reading my story and applying metabolic stacking, you’ll finally bust through your plateau and lose fat. But that’s NOT what metabolic stacking is about.

Fitting in new, smaller clothes, turning heads and having a leaner, more athletic body is simply a by-product.

Metabolic stacking is about reinventing yourself… a renewed and rejuvenated version of you with a sense of confidence you’ve never experienced before…

… which is my story in which you’ll read right now.

How I Lost 105 Pounds of Fat and
What it Means to You

Like you, I was embarrassed of how I looked, but more importantly, I was disgusted with how I felt. I was 300 pounds and wearing 46 inch pants and wearing XXXL shirts.

Not only was I tired, but like you, I was also emotionally drained and burned out. I was tired of hiding from the camera at family functions. I always made sure I wore big and baggy clothes to hide my ugly fat.

On a cold December day in 2002, I was playing a football video game and I threw an interception.  Out of frustration, I threw the controller down. Once I bent down to pick it up, I had an “A-ha” moment.

I realized I was not the person I was meant to be. As athletic as I was throughout my life, I had led myself to this… a grouchy, overweight guy in his twenties letting life go by. I struggled as I reached down to pick the controller up. It was ridiculous as I huffed and puffed.

I sat there on my couch, in shock, wondering what had happened to me. I was so athletic through my entire life, yet here I was, sweating from picking up a dang controller.

I even struggled just to get up and down the stairs or carrying more than two bags of groceries… in my twenties.

I’m sure you can relate as one bad habit led to another. A desk job led to more snacking and boredom. And that boredom trickled down into my workouts.

You’re probably there right now. Your workouts bore you. Your struggles are even boring you. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’re ready to do something about it and that’s exactly how I felt.

In fact, that “epiphany” moment of the controller on the ground was a BIG SWITCH for me.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

Just like you, I had enough, and it was time to do something about it. 

But You’ve Tried “Popular”
Workouts to 
Do Something
About It and Failed Miserably

Sure, I can understand that. In fact, before I finally succeeded and found a way to not only lose the 105 pounds but keep it off, I tried other things and failed, too.

But this was different…

On my first day, I poured sweat, breathed heavily and was exhausted after just minutes. This was going to be harder than I thought.  Finally, after minutes of struggling, I had put on my shoes.

Ha, hilarious. But seriously… 

I drove to my old high school with a strong sense of urgency and anticipation. I walked towards the track with an agenda against my own belly fat, got out of the car and made my way towards the track.

But after just one lap, I was overwhelmingly exhausted.  Tears welled up in my eyes and I thought to myself, “Is it too late? Can I really do this? Am I doomed to be overweight for the rest of my life?” 

Memories of trying to lose weight before started to enter my head, giving me MORE doubt. I had already tried pouring myself into doing cardio for days on end.

Now, obviously, you may not have gone to my high school track, but you’ve tried to increase your cardio or even add workout days to finally see a difference in the mirror… yet NOTHING.

I know exactly what that is like. It’s as if you have a great start – you see one pound, two pounds and even ten pounds start to fall off.

Then it suddenly stops.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog
  • You change your diet – NOTHING
  • You increase your workout days – sometimes working out six to seven days a week… NOTHING.
  • You add more cardio, including several interval workouts every week, yet STILL no changes in your clothes or in the mirror.

This is what I felt… with a lot of frustration.

 and Suddenly it Stops?

I even tried numerous diets and would have a small victory after one to two weeks, but then I would fall right back into my old ways because the dieting was just too hard.

Another trainer even gave me specific workouts where I would go to the gym five to six days a week and it certainly worked. I would lose five to ten pounds, but then the reality of committing to something like that week after week set in and again… another failed attempt.

It’s easy to explain these failures. You and I don’t have the time to invest in longer workouts. You’re too busy to complete your workout, and then have to invest another thirty, forty, or fifty minutes to perform your “cardio”.

And as popular as interval training is – you don’t have time for that, either. That’s certainly a better option than the long, boring cardio. However, you don’t have the time to put in to get a quality interval training session.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

And let’s face it. Interval training is boring. Thirty seconds on, thirty seconds off… again? It’s no wonder you’re frustrated and not seeing a difference in your body while hanging onto lingering, stubborn fat.

That’s why I got frustrated. I was working my butt off, but yet, I kept hitting plateaus. I would always hit a wall. It wasn’t fair.

But looking back, I can see why I had not discovered metabolic stacking yet. And until now, it’s why YOU haven’t been shown this approach yet.

You weren’t ready.

And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT you weren’t ready.

Look, this approach is hard. I won’t sugarcoat it. But it’s not as hard as spending MORE time doing something that’s not getting you results and burning you out. You already know how difficult it is to go through something like that. That’s why you’re here.  Not everybody is ready for something as unique as this. You must be ALREADY motivated to be leaner AND better with some honest, hard work.

This time… I was.

Are You Ready to Use Metabolic Stacking?

I know I was. Once I tried it, I got addicted. I was smacking plateaus in the face. I was feeling amazing. I had more energy, but more importantly, more time. I soon realized I was wasting around 84% of my time “working out” before stumbling across metabolic stacking.

Finally, I found a way to lose 105 pounds and keep it off – FOREVER.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

In fact, it’s been ten years since I started my own weight loss journey. Even through the calorie-infested holidays and more, I’ve been able to keep off the ugly fat for ten years now. And you know what?… I’m ADDICTED to my workouts.

This powerful approach used by the best coaches in the world is something you can literally just plug into YOUR workout program right now. It’s designed as a plug and play system.

And the Secret to Metabolic Stacking?…

In a nutshell, metabolic stacking is using specially designed workout finishers that includes 4 specific variables. If just one of these variables are missing, the effect of the finisher is diminished. You won’t get the maximum benefit.

It’s just like your favorite dish. If you remove just one ingredient, then the dish is ruined and your effort and time making it was wasted. The four variables are:

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

And with a strategic combination of all four of these variables,  you bust through plateaus, improve your conditioning and become more athletic. You discover little things like going up and down the stairs effortless. You play with your kids without getting exhausted.

But the real secret to metabolic stacking – it’s like injecting an adrenaline rush into your workouts. This rush leads to you DOMINATING your stubborn areas including your lower belly fat, plus actually have fun doing it.

That’s how metabolic stacking works. But then imagine improving your performance in your regular workouts, too. It’s the domino effect of using finishers with all 4 “ingredients”.

In fact, I want you to sit back, close your eyes and think about this for just a few minutes.

What if you discovered one secret that changed the way you worked out to keep fat off FOREVER and…

  • You never have to do ANY kind of cardio EVER again, yet LOOK like you sprint 7 days a week… all because of the FEW minutes of this ONE secret, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog
  • You finally have the confidence to actually be social instead of staying home and hiding because you’re too embarrassed of how you look and you no longer have to keep postponing your family trip, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog
  • You have amazing energy because you’re not fatigued from overtraining AND even the little things in your life are so much easier including going up and down the stairs and playing with your kids. You soon discover that your fat loss is simply a big plus.
  • You fall in love working out again – you find yourself rejuvenated and staying more consistent, all while reinventing yourself in less time – giving you more freedom and time
, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

Can You Seriously ELIMINATE Cardio Forever and Get REAL Results You Can See in the Mirror?

Honestly, you probably can’t. It’s not that you don’t want to. It’s also not because you’re lazy, either. You have the motivation and you have the drive to make a change. After all, that’s why you were willing to try all of the different diets and workout programs… but with no success.

Because you’re reading this, you’re willing to investigate what’s available to you to finally start seeing a difference without having to commit to long marathon sessions or having to add more workouts. There is a way to lose fat, become more athletic and even show MORE definition., workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

This contest winner knows the
metabolic stacking secret

Interval training is certainly one route, but your body adapts to that quickly. After all, you’re working the same muscles over and over, even when you switch the variables like 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off to 1 minute on, 1 minute off. Your body doesn’t change. That’s not enough of a stimulus. It works for beginners, but you’re not a beginner.

You need something more than just intervals. And I’m here to tell you that you certainly can lose fat without doing cardio EVER again.

I’ve had six people either place or win the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, which is open to thousands of people to vote. They didn’t do a single cardio session (even intervals) because they worked with me and know the metabolic stacking secret. That’s:

6 people (just like you) entering the contest

6 people placing or winning the contest (even with thousands voting)

… all with ZERO cardio (including intervals) 

So, YES – you CAN see REAL results in the mirror and lose fat (even the stubborn fat including the lower belly fat and love handles) without doing ANY kind of cardio.

There’s a Reason You Don’t Look Athletic and Leaner – You Train Just Like Everyone Else

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

Sorry to be so harsh, but it’s the truth. You want to look ripped and chiseled; yet you train like the average person at the gym.

You’re using traditional interval training, or worse – long, boring cardio thinking that will help you burn more fat.

What’s even more frustrating is you’re seeing people come into the gym in the middle of your grueling workout and they even leave before you do. Yet… they look leaner and more athletic.

They know how to use the new breakthrough of metabolic stacking. In fact, this approach is literally killing traditional interval training. It’s better and takes a fraction of the time.

So why is it THESE 4 variables?

That’s what you’ll find out, plus you’ll see how I’ve made something that was already great even better thanks to this breakthrough research of metabolic stacking.

But remember what I said before – after experimenting with clients online and offline as well as myself, this approach is not easy.

But it’s why you see people losing fat fast and getting in amazing shape within just a few weeks. It does work, but not everyone can handle it.

In fact, if you walk into any gym, you’ll see the cardio equipment all taken up with people that look the same on day one as they do on day ninety. They don’t know the future of using metabolic stacking.

But you might understand where they are coming from – it’s comfortable. It’s what they are used to. Maybe it’s what you’re used to.

But don’t think, “oh, it’s resistance training.” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The perfect example – take a look at the people who come to the gym and supposedly “work out” for two hours or more. Then look at them again even a year later – they LOOK THE SAME.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

Quite frankly, if you’re still reading this, then you’ve probably been fooled by all the mass marketers telling you to “work out harder and longer with THESE workouts”! 

You also wouldn’t be frustrated with how you look or getting burned out with your workouts.

And to be brutally honest…

This is Why People Lose Weight and Gain it Back. Just Look at Winners from Popular TV “Weight Loss” Shows

In fact, one contestant gained back 92 pounds. It’s no surprise that he said, “The outward effects of the show only lasted for the next month.”

More than HALF of the contestants have gained 30 pounds or more since the grueling marathon sessions. Just like you, they had to step into reality.

I’m sure you would agree that you could lose fat by practically living in the gym with trainers breathing down your neck for 4-8 hours a day.

But could you do that every day? Do you have the time for that?

Of course, being much more conservative, could you get results from working out an hour or more every day six days a week? Of course you could. But do you really have the time to do that week after week?

And I’m sure you can imagine what kind of overuse injuries you’re bringing onto yourself. Knee problems, hip problems, lower back pain and more will keep you from any kind of exercise for weeks if not longer.

When you can’t exercise, you get frustrated. And when you get frustrated, you end up eating MORE calories. That means you’ll gain even more fat.

Frustration Leads to Emotional Eating,
Which is Why We’re Getting Fatter

A study from the University of Alabama found that emotional eaters—those who admitted eating in response to emotional stress—were 13 times more likely to be overweight or obese. Frustration from overuse injuries will cause emotional stress. The truth, which is not shared because it’s not “sexy”, is that MORE exercise is NOT better.

In fact, if you are exercising more, you could very well be GAINING MORE FAT.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

You’re literally working your way FURTHER from your goals and and the body you deserve.

Look, don’t worry. There’s a reason these methods fail, and when you understand why, you’ll soon discover on this page there’s an easier, more effective (and FUN) way to burn fat, preserve lean muscle and maintain your best optimal health.

But first, let’s take a look at why you’re exercising MORE and gaining fat.(Reference: International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008).

35 overweight men and women exercised 5 times per week for 12 weeks. That’s a lot of exercise. The results varied, while the worst subject actually GAINED 3.74 pounds!

The scientists think they know where things went sour. They classified the subjects into 2 groups, called the “Compensators” and the “Non-compensators”.

The Compensators were hungrier, and as a result consumed an extra 268 calories per day, all but wiping out their cardio efforts.

Therefore, the Compensators lost the least amount of weight, and scientists believe that was due to the huge “compensatory” increase in appetite experienced by this group. 

Here is Why it’s NOT Your Fault for Not Getting Results Using Cardio Including Interval Training

The University of California at San Francisco’s Human Performance Center, which specializes in physiological analysis, uses a VO2 test to track fat burning down to the last calorie. The test works by measuring the maximum capacity of an individual’s breathing while exercising.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

The VO2 analyzer assesses a user’s calories lost during exercise by tracking breathing patterns. First, the user puts on headgear similar to a scuba mask and snorkle. The snorkle is attached to a long tube that is hooked into the VO2 analyzer. Finally, the analyzer records the user’s breathing pattern as he or she inhales and exhales during exercise.

Depending on the quality of breathing, the VO2 analyzer calculates how hard the user is working and combines that data with the user’s body stats: height, weight, age, and body fat. The VO2 analyzer can then compute how many calories are burned during the exercise.

This measurement reflects someone’s fitness and can be broken down to determine how many calories one burns.

The Shocking Study Revealed Behind the Calories You Burn with Cardio

GMA technology contributor Becky Worley used the VO2 test on a treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, elliptical machine and fitness watches. She used each for five minutes and, in each case, according to the VO2 test, the number of calories burned was overestimated.

On average, the machines overestimated by 19 percent and the watches overestimated by 28 percent.

Here’s the Truth on How Machines
OVERESTIMATE Calories Being Burned

  • Stationary Bike: Overestimated calories burnt by 7 percent
  • Stair Climber: Overestimated calories burnt by 12 percent
  • Elliptical: overestimated calories burnt by 42 percent
  • Treadmill: Overestimated calories burnt by 13 percent

Yet, these are the machines smothering the big, commercial gyms and taken up by the same people year after year, yet they look the same. Certainly, you get the picture on how adding more and more cardio is getting you further from the lean, athletic body you’re trying to get.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

The bottom line is that cardio will not do this.

You’ve seen this not work personally yourself or even with a friend or family member.

Instead, what does work, are workout finishers based on metabolic stacking.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS...

It’s EASY to apply metabolic stacking with these finishers to virtually ANY of your favorite workouts. You don’t have to learn yet another workout program. It’s a simple, plug-and-play system to eliminate ALL cardio… FOREVER. 

It’s not a magic supplement. It’s not a secret workout program. You don’t have to give up any of your workouts if you enjoy them. This easy system can be used with ANY program on YOUR schedule on YOUR terms. You’ll double, if not TRIPLE your results by simply plugging in the metabolic stacking method with your workouts.

And you don’t have to wait for it. You don’t have to “learn” anything. You’re literally just minutes away from using this NEW and PROVEN plug and play system. You’ll finally discover a way to literally turn on the switch to maximize your body’s ability to burn the most fat.

But there’s more to it than that. You’ll discover a NEW way to use this system to not only lose fat, but KEEP IT OFF – forever. You see, metabolic stacking has so many “variables” and that’s really the secret to why they work so well. And even when I’ve tried to share this metabolic stacking approach with other gurus in the industry, they couldn’t quite grasp it.

You can use this approach week in and week out, month after month, year after year, decade after decade and you STILL will get the same results as you did in week one. That’s the power of the metabolic stacking approach.

This why you’re here. You want to unlock your ability to finally get rid of the stubborn fat you’ve battled for weeks, months and perhaps even decades.

And if you still don’t believe that cardio is a huge waste of time, then here is a compelling study that’ll prove just how ineffective cardio is at helping you get the body you deserve…

The Shocking Truth Behind Workout Finishers Vs. Cardio

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

Canadian researchers at Queen’s University tested a workout using workout finishers style of training against long cardio.
(Reference: Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012 Sep 20.)

22 college-aged women did 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks in one of three groups.

  • Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate
  • Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squat thrusts) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.
  • Group C did nothing (they were the non-training control group).

Results: Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%).

That’s right, the short workout finishers (of ONLY 4 minutes) worked just as well as 30 minutes of cardio!


BUT…only Group B, the workout finishers style training, also increased muscular endurance in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit-ups, and push-ups.

And finally, this intense, but brief training used by Group B also resulted in greater overall workout enjoyment. Read that again…

 resulted in greater overall workout enjoyment.

The Canadian Scientists concluded that “extremely low volume bodyweight interval-style training” will boost cardiovascular fitness just as well as cardio while giving you BETTER improvements in muscle endurance.

All in just 4 minutes.

So, what was it that helped these people get these shocking results in just 4 minutes? Is it just working hard? Of course not. This group used metabolic stacking.

 This is Why Metabolic Stacking Works So Well

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

He Uses Workout Finishers

Now if you’re human, certainly you have some kind of skepticism, right? I know I would. Just take a look at the latest fitness gadgets. They usually end up as gag gifts because people just like you know that they are ineffective.

And before I even believed this study myself, I had to experiment with it on my own clients as well as myself. And to be honest, I’ve used workout finishers for years before this study came out. But new research impacted the my obsession with finishers and how I can improve them.

And the only way to believe it, was to put them to the test on myself and with thousands of clients, campers and readers.

They all were willing to be guinea pigs and take their workouts to new heights and step out of their comfort zone (just like you will) in order to get faster and more permanent results.https://fae6dlvky3qtbw2rudpba1hq42.hop.clickbank.net/