Therapist Discovers Simple Step-by-Step Cellular Key to Melting Stubborn Fat and Unlocking Mental Clarity

Hi, my name is Angela Castro.

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The story I’m about to share is one that I didn’t want to share at first…
Because It was easily the most embarrassing moment of my life.
It happened in a crowded room and honestly, I just wanted to hide.
Somehow, in that one moment…
I felt invisible…
Like all my attempts were pointless and forgotten.
But also like I was in the center of a packed stadium…
Standing there naked, unable to escape the shame that was covering me.
But… the almost miraculous solution that I found as a result of that moment…
Makes this story worth telling.
See, this is too good to keep to myself, this needs to be shared.

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*The names and identifying details of certain individuals have been changed to protect their privacy. 

I Found a Brain and Body Hack That Allowed MeTo Feel Decades Younger, and Look Decades Better!

The stubborn weight that kept me feeling like a prisoner…
It was like I had the body from my 20s …
The one before I had 2 kids.
And the energy…

I’m Experiencing the Energy That I Had When I First Got Married!

When I felt young…
When I felt like I could do anything.
This level of energy is something I had heard about, but never got to experience myself.
And here’s the thing, this daily hack is so easy and logical…
It’s been right in front of us the whole time.
But only scientific research out of Rutgers University has started to uncover how this hack really works.

What’s Even Better, Is That This Solution Doesn’t Require:

Expensive gym memberships or personal training.
Starving yourself with strict diets like paleo or the raw food diet.
Or workouts like crossfit or spin class training.

It’s So Simple!

And it makes so much sense…
That it’s almost confusing why someone didn’t connect these dots sooner.
As I’m going to share in a second…

You’re Going to See That This Will Work for You.No Matter How Bad You Think You Are Right Now.

I know because I’ve seen it.
I’ve experienced it.
And not only did it work for me…
But I’ve seen it work for every woman that’s tried this incredible hack.
In fact…

I Lost 25 Pounds!

Which released the energy that I always knew was inside me…
But it was locked behind layers of embarrassing fat.
And that’s not all.
I repaired my struggling relationship with my husband.
I’ve even caught him staring at me! Looking at me like he used to when we were dating.

He’s Pursuing Me Like I’m the Prize He Wants to Win!

My day-to-day life has totally changed as I’ve also completely eliminated the brain fog that used to surround me like a dark and storming cloud of doom.
I have so much time.
I have so much energy.

It’s Almost Like I’m in My 20s Again!

And most importantly, as a mom…
I feel like I’m enough for my whole family.
I have enough energy to give to my career.
I even have time to take care of myself.
Now, If you’re skeptical, trust me, I get it.
This sounded too good to be true to me too.

But… Since I’ve Started Using This ProgramI’ve Been Able to Effortlessly Melt Away Pounds of Stubborn Fat.

But not only did I shave off pounds…
I feel like I’ve shaved YEARS off my age-clock.
No longer hiding behind oversized clothes draped over me like curtains…
I don’t feel like my body’s trapping me in my house anymore…
Out of fear of what the public would see.
Once I fully committed… I immediately started seeing results.

I Watched My Mind and Body Transform in Front of My Eyes

And It wasn’t just me…
My husband.
For the first time in FOREVER I caught him checking me out…
Going out of his way to be close to me.
Looking me up and down like he used to when we were dating.
My friends were so proud of me and they BEGGED me to share my secret with them.
Coworkers kept asking me questions like:
“Hey, what are you doing? You look great!”
“You’re so slim! Can you get me in on this???”
The other day I even got hit on by someone 20 years younger than me… at the grocery store!
Before that… I can’t even remember the last time a guy spoke to me… that wasn’t my husband.

I’ve Seen So Many Lives Change So Easily…

Almost everyone that’s tried it couldn’t believe it was actually happening.
Here’s just a couple testimonials from women that have experienced this:

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Jenni H.

“This really changed things for me and turned my life around. I believe this can help you too, to turn your life around and have a better relationship with your body, food, and gaining control of your life.”

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Judy L.

“I focused more on my mindset than on exercise and at times strayed, yet still came out with an 8lb weight loss. I feel better and am more empowered and confident in the way I look and how I live in the world thanks to what I learned and followed in the program.”

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Taylor D.

“I thought you had to kill yourself at the gym every day and starve yourself to lose any kind of weight, but that’s just simply not true. It was easy and simple.”The results have been incredible!

I Had to Hit Rock Bottom Before I Was Even WillingTo Admit That I Was Struggling With my Weight.

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*The names and identifying details of certain individuals including children have been changed to protect their privacy. The story I’m about to share with you happened a few years ago…
When my daughter Alyssa was 13.
We were at her school’s mother-daughter dance…
And I still remember my cheeks burning as the tears streamed down my face.
How I was frozen with guilt and embarrassing sharme, hiding in my car…
I remember how I wished that the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

That Exact Moment Is Etched Into My IndIn Perfect Painful Detail.

But in a way, I’m almost glad this happened…
Even though it was hard…
Even though it was humiliating…
Even though it was the worst moment of my life.
Because my life was transformed after everything that happened that night.

But This Story Starts a Few Days Earlier.

My 13-year-old daughter came home from school and told me that there was a mother-daughter dance on Friday night…
And she really wanted me to go with her.
Hearing she wanted to go with me… well, it was unexpected to say the least.
She was at an age where she doesn’t really want to be seen with her mom.

Moms Are So “Uncool”… at Least Her Mom Was.

So when she asked me if I would go with her…
I was almost overwhelmed with disbelief.
My daughter wanting me to go with her…
To be seen with her…
That was all I ever wanted.

I Wish I Could’ve Frozen That Moment in Time…To Have Her Stay My Little Girl Forever.

My swelling sense of pride came bursting through my self-doubt like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.
I immediately said “Yes!”
And I decided right then and there that I was going to make that night special.

I watched as my daughter lit up with anticipation.
I hadn’t seen her this happy in years… at least not that happy because of ME.
I knew this was a chance to really connect and have a special night together.

We Went All Out in Preparation.

First thing we did was go shopping to get her a new dress.
Dress after dress she looked absolutely perfect in all of them.
But when she put on a beautiful blue and sparkling sleeveless dress…
She instantly transformed from the little girl that I’d always seen her as…
To the beautiful woman that I hoped she would become.
Her eyes sparkled and her face lit up as an unbreakable smile crawled across her face.

She Could See That I Was Choked Up We Both Knew That This Was THE Dress.

She could hardly contain herself!
But she was trying to be cool so she asked:
“Hey mom, I think I like this one… can we get it?”
“Sweetheart you have never looked more beautiful, of course you can.”
As she thanked me she wrapped her arms around me with a firmness I hadn’t felt in years.
But at the same time it made me aware of the extra softness around my stomach…
It felt like my back was absorbing her arms.
Almost on queue she lifted her head and looked up at me asking:
“What dress are you going to get?”

My Joy Was Stripped Away to Dread as I RealizedI Hadn’t Worn a Dress in Years.

I couldn’t get the zipper up even a quarter of the way on any of my old dresses.
Not even the one my husband used to love the most…
I hadn’t worn that one in over a year.
I was terrified to find out what dress size would fit me…
And I couldn’t ruin this moment finding out.
“I have a better idea, let’s go get our nails done!”

That Friday…

I sucked in, trying to firm up the shapewear that was 2 sizes two small…
Hoping that I would feel comfortable enough to go out with her.

With a deep breath of suffocating air… we walked out toward the car.
I got into the car, preparing for what I thought was going to be a dream evening that I would remember for decades to come.

And while I’ll never forget what happened that night…
It was closer to a nightmare than anything else.

We Got to the School and Walked Into the Dance…

With her new dress looking amazing…
Her hair styled to perfection…
Professional makeup…
And a fierce new set of nails…
She looked like a princess straight out of a story book!
My daughter, my pride and joy, glowing with excitement.
It was truly one of the best moments of my life up to that point.

Even Though I Felt Like a Slob Standing Next to Her.

My drab oversized dress that I had bought when she wasn’t with me.
It felt like a bed sheet…
But the dress would hide my lumpy curves… hide the miles of grotesque cellulite that covered my arms and legs.
The school’s gym was PACKED.
There were mothers and daughters in every corner of the room.
And while WE went through the preparation of making this night magical…
There were underdressed and disrespectful teeneagers everywhere.

I Was Instantly Blasted in the Face With the Scent OfTeenage Insecurity and Cheap Perfume.

The “music” was horrible…
And the other girls… wow!
They were SO rude!
Not to me… but to their moms… their friends… the teachers…
All in an attempt to look “cool” in front of their friends.
I was horrified!

I’m Ashamed to Say it Out Loud… but They Looked LikeA Bunch of Snot Nosed Awkward Little Girls.

And of course… the mothers.
Audrey… the head of the PTA board that always made little comments about how much time the OTHER moms were giving.
Or Caroline… the “perfect” and “can do nothing wrong” mom that all the girls loved.
And of course… Janet was there.
Her husband’s a plastic surgeon and makes sure she looks flawless in every way.
Pamela, the mom that somehow does EVERYTHING…
Tara… Lauren… Maggie… the list goes on.

These Are NOT My People.

I always felt uncomfortable around them… like somehow I didn’t measure up to their unspoken standards.
But I’m here with Alyssa… and I’m going to focus on that.
Really… that’s all that matters tonight.
So we headed out to the dance floor.
Where we TRIED to dance…

But the Floor Was Covered With Teenage Girls…And They Were Dancing Like Strippers!

I couldn’t believe my eyes…
I couldn’t believe there were moms LETTING these girls dance like that.
We danced for a bit… but really the whole room was just suffocating and crowded.
Alyssa didn’t understand…
Couldn’t understand why I was so annoyed…
Why I just wanted to get off the dance floor.

We Took a Break and I Went to Get Some Fruit Punch.

As I was filling our cups, out of the corner of my ear I heard Alyssa talking to someone.
“Hey Alyssa, where’s your mom? Angela, right?”
The music was so loud that they were practically shouting.
“She’s over there at the snack table”
“Is she the pretty one in the gorgeous green dress?
The mom talking to Janet?”

“No,” She Laughed, “My Mom Doesn’t Look Like That…She’s the Chubby One That Looks Angry and Tired…She Just Wants to Leave.”

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My Heart Stopped
I’m pretty sure the music stopped.
Because everyone heard it.
Every perfect mom that I could never measure up to.
Every bratty kid.
Every stranger in the room.
Every pair of eyes turned to see who had just been called fat and ugly by their beloved daughter.

I Looked Around but I Couldn’t See a Single Friendly Face…There Wasn’t a Welcoming Pair of Eyes to Be Found.

In fact… they were laughing.
I was just the fat girl in the middle of the room…
A circus animal there for everyone’s entertainment.
I could tell that everyone was just waiting for me to cry.
And as tears uncontrollably filled my eyes…
I realized I was about to give them exactly what they wanted.
I dropped the cups I was holding…
And immediately fled from the situation in horror…
Not being able to remember a time in my life when I had been more humiliated.

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As If the Night Wasn’t Already Horrifying and Terrible Enough…

Right before I got to the door I crashed into Jennifer.
She’s the mother of one of Alyssa’s friends that I had become close with.
Though, I hadn’t been able to make time for her in the past few months.
Jennifer is a trained therapist AND a personal trainer.
She was just walking into the dance.

And of Course…She Looked Gorgeous

Her slim figure looked fantastic draped in a dress that looked like it was made just for her…
Her flowing hair…
Her vibrant skin…
All thrown into chaos when I crashed right into her.
Great. Yet another perfect mom to laugh at the fat failure.
I didn’t even gather myself as I ran to my car…

I Sat There Weeping Like a Teenage Girl ThatJust Got Her Heartbroken for the First Time.

And it was right then…

Right there…
That I started to feel resentment toward my family.
Resentment for all the times that I ignored myself so that I could be everything for everyone else.
All the hours I spent at work to be successful and help out financially…

All the Times I Sacrificed Sleep So That I Could Make Sure My Kids Had Homemade Lunches and Clean Clothes…

The times that I skipped my workouts to go grocery shopping for the house…
So that I could make dinners for my family.
The times I put myself last so that my husband could chase his dreams…
All of it suddenly seemed like it was just holding me back from myself.
My identity had been reduced to a busy, overweight, working mom.
I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

That Night I Lay Awake for Hours.

How had my life come to this?
I know I gained a little weight after my firstborn…but was able to lose it.
After my second child… the weight became a lot harder to lose.
Life got busier, sure, but I didn’t know what happened that took me from healthy to “hippo”.
I layed there, consumed with shame that I couldn’t be everywhere at once.

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, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

I Felt Guilty That I Couldn’t Remember the Last TimeMy Husband and I Made Love…

Or even kissed like we liked each other.
I was already living a life so scheduled that it could put an Olympic athlete to shame.
And somehow it wasn’t enough.
I thought back on everything I had tried.
Confused why nothing had worked… why nothing could take away the pounds of fat or the brain fog.

I Was Always the First Awake and the Last to Bed.

And even though I lived meticulously… I felt like my energy was being sucked down the drain.
Like my brain was starting to work against me… I was even having trouble remembering simple things that had happened.
I tried some yoga and was beginning to consider medication.

No Matter What I Did, the Weight Wouldn’t Disappear.

I tried
Whole 30
And more.
And what’s worse…

All of This Was My Dirty Little Secret.

There’s no way that I was going to share that I was dying inside…
With anybody.
Or that I was ashamed of everything I showed on the outside.

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, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

It Seemed Like Other Moms Were Able to Keep up With Everything…

Do everything…
Be everything.
My mom was everything for everyone.
She made it look effortless!
But I just couldn’t do it…
I was falling apart.

“There Must Be Something Wrong With ME…”

But every time it got harder…
The more I would fight to make it look like I had things together.
There was NO WAY I was going to admit that weakness to anyone.
The stress was killing me inside…
And as my daughter pointed out…
Evidently, it was showing on the outside, too.
But as I’m going to share with you in just a minute…

This Was the Beginning of the End.

Not my end.
But the end of the downward spiral…
The spiral I was hopelessly being sucked into.
Now, while this story is incredibly painful for me to share with you…

As Much as I Wanted it to End Right Then and There That Night…

My story was only beginning.
The ground didn’t swallow me whole.
And as I’m going to share with you in just a minute…
That’s a great thing.
For both myself…
And for you.

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That Night I Eventually Fell Into a Restless Sleep…

Knowing that something needed to change…
Knowing that I needed to find an answer.

A Few Days Later My Phone Rang AndI Almost Threw it When I Saw Who it Was…

It was Jennifer.
The same Jennifer I almost knocked over on my sprint out the door from that horrible night.
I almost rejected the call but I knew that she didn’t do anything wrong.
Hesitant but trying to sound like nothing was wrong…

I Answered… “Hey Jen”

“Hey, Ang, I’m calling because you were so upset the other night.
I know we haven’t talked much lately, but I wanted to call and check on you.”
Trying not to cry… I told her everything that happened on the night of the dance.
As I tried to play it off as “not a big deal”…
It wasn’t long before my tears broke through and I let it all go, crying uncontrollably.
Everything came pouring out like a dam that was holding back my emotions had suddenly burst.

But I Couldn’t Hold it in Anymore.

Even if she judged me…
Even if she thought I was a total failure…
I needed to tell someone what I was going through.
Through the tears… I told her everything.
How I felt like I’d lost myself.
How I was always taking care of someone else…
And never taking care of, or making time for myself.
How work kept me from being present at home…
And home kept me from performing at work.

I Felt Guilty All the time…I Never Felt Like I Was Doing Enough

And I was stuck replaying those terrible thoughts over and over in my head…
Over and over again… I couldn’t break the cycle.
I told her I was afraid to ask for help because I felt weak.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog
, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

I Told Her How My Husband and I HadGrown Apart…And How I Knew That it Was My Fault…

I don’t even think he found me attractive anymore.
I mean, how could he?
I’m not comfortable being naked in front of myself…
How could he possibly be attracted to me?
I must have talked for 30 minutes straight without taking a breath.
And Jennifer just listened.

When I Finished With My RantAbout How Terrible My Life Was…

I could hear the compassion and love in her voice.
She told me she understood and that she had been right where I was at.
Yeah right. Skinny and beautiful Jennifer was trying to tell me that SHE knew what it was like to go from slim and driven to overweight and tired?
Even though I wasn’t sure I believed her, I asked her what she had done about it…
Because NOTHING I was doing was helping.

I Told Her I Had Tried Every Diet…I Had Tried Every Workout.

And nothing had helped.
She said that she had had the same results.
But she had found a way to combine her therapy career with her personal training experience.
She believed it would work for me…

She knew it would work for me.

Why wouldn’t it? She told me about how it had worked for her, and for every woman that she had told about the process…
This secret hack to unlock my mind and body so I could melt off the stubborn fat that was ruining my life.
I was hesitant, I didn’t know if I could believe her yet.
But I had already spilled my guts and tried every possible solution that I could think of.
I was desperate and figured one more try probably wouldn’t be the worst thing I had ever done.
Afterall… Something needed to change.

, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog
, workout-programs-lose-weight-slim-down-blog

We set up a time to meet in a few days.

When Jen walked into my favorite coffee shop and sat down across the table from me…
I was pretty sure she was going to laugh at me.
I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn’t even like being seen in public.
But she didn’t laugh.

Jennifer Was So Sweet and ExplainedThat None of This Was My Fault.

Of course… it sure didn’t feel that way.
But she was SO gentle.
She went on to explain what she had found and been working on… how it would change my life.
I’m going to tell you about it in just a second…
But first I want you to understand Jennifer’s background.

Jennifer Is a Trained TherapistThat Graduated Over 10 Years Ago.

Which makes sense, she has been so kind and caring while I cried my eyes out…
Telling her about the most embarrassing moment of my life.
But after pursuing her education and career as a therapist…
She still saw that so many people were suffering from being overweight.
She knew she wanted to take her clinical training a step farther…
To help her patients by showing them how to lose weight.

So, She Became a Fitness Coach.

It wasn’t long before Jennifer started to see where fitness and therapy overlap.
She started seeing that if she combined parts of both…That it would change everything.
She made a connection that while most therapists “know” about it…
No one had the experience that she did..
And no one had taken it a step farther to combine it with fitness.
Resulting in a brain hack so powerful that it would melt pounds off your stomach and thighs.

My Heart Was Racing as She Continued to Talk…

This was so different from anything I had heard before.
She went on to tell me how it’s supported by science.